New in the Store: On a Starry Night in India – Downloadable Art Quilt Project

Posted by LindaM | June 25, 2013

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Several years ago I taught an online embellishing class titled “Mildly Titivating” and “Wildly Titivating” featuring a series of mini embellished art quilts which were a lot of fun to make. I’ve been spending some time lately reformatting the lessons into downloadable projects and I’ve finally finished the first one – On a Starry Night in India – which was one of my favorites. I just love those shisha mirrors!

On a Starry Night in India - Downloadable Project

This art quilt finishes at approx 6″ x 8″ so it doesn’t take forever to complete, and it’s machine pieced and hand embellished.

    The pdf document includes step-by-step instructions showing you how to make this project and you will learn:

  • raw edge patchwork
  • how to attach shisha mirrors
  • how to make fringe dangles
  • hand beading and hand embroidery techniques


    I’ve decided to throw in a bunch of bonuses including:

  • the jpg image of the elephant so that you can print it onto fabric and if you don’t want to print it onto fabric yourself, I’ll do it for you!
  • online access to a photo gallery displaying 45 close-up images of the project
  • online access to three short supporting videos – 10 minutes in total – demonstrating:
    – how to sew seed stitch
    – how to attach shisha mirrors
    – how to bead on fabric

You’ll find all the details here in the store

On a Starry Night in India - Downloadable Project

On a Starry Night in India - Downloadable Project

On a Starry Night in India - Downloadable Project

And stay tuned – I’ll be releasing some more mini art quilt projects very shortly.

Enjoy and Sew Creative!

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  1. hello Linda, You are my fave artist at the moment…..i love your simplicity and eagerness to share……….. question how do you make the printed words on fabric…… Grace or Encourage……… or similar…………… i would love to do this………………. I have been trying the corded embellishment but still need some practise to get colours right and have tried my machine stitching as well…have to get lots of thread and more bobbins…………….thanks for encouragement, ana

    • Hi Ana – I’m glad you’re finding some inspiration here :) To get printed words on fabric I either print them on fabric using my inkjet printer, or sometimes I write them using a fine point fabric marking pen which is sometimes the quickest and easiest way. Enjoy :)


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