Embellishing with Hand Stitches

Sewing using hand embroidery stitches is both a creative and a very relaxing way to embellish your sewing projects. As opposed to machine stitching which is often fast and furious, hand stitching has the effect of slowing us down and bringing us into the present...

New in the Store: Hand-dyed Sari Silk Ribbon

New in the store – hand-dyed sari silk ribbon in twelve delicious colors. This sari silk ribbon is 100% silk and is recycled from used silk saris. The saris are cut into strips ranging from approximately 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ wide, which are then stitched...

How to Use Curtain Grommets as Attachments for Bag Handles

Grommets, or eyelets, are useful pieces of hardware for bag-making, and are used to reinforce holes. They are generally made of metal and require a setting tool to attach them. They can be used for decorative purposes, or for functional purposes such as attaching...

How to make rusted fabric using Wonder Under

While I was in the process of making a new book cover, I started experimenting with making rusted fabric using wonder under fusible webbing which I’d painted. Because I’ve used painted wonder under before, I knew that it would probably turn out quite well....

The Belita Bag – a Free Bag Pattern

If you’ve never used Pellon Peltex stabilizer, which is my favorite heavy-weight stabilizer, then here is the perfect excuse to try it out with this free bag pattern and tutorial that I designed exclusively for Pellon called “The Belita Bag”....

DIY Alcohol Inks

A couple of weeks ago one of my readers shared with us a video demonstrating how to make alcohol inks and after finally finding some time to watch the video I thought I’d give it a try. Alcohol inks are used to add color to the surface of your projects and I...

Learn Bag-Making Skills with these Online Sewing Classes

There is no better way to learn anything these days than with an online class, and these online classes will teach you teach you bag-making skills for all sorts of different styles of bags and purses. Free online classes will teach you basic sewing and bag-making...

Hand-dyed Perle Embroidery Thread in Variegated and Solid Colors

If you love to work with embroidery thread in beautiful hand-dyed colors, you’ll love these new threads just added to the store. All cotton embroidery thread is now available in DMC 6-strand embroidery floss, and mercerized pearl cotton in the following sizes:...

Need a quick weekend project? Try Some Fabric Beads

Fabric beads are easy and fun to make and can be used to embellish all your creative sewing projects. They are also a great way to use up all those small scraps of leftover fabric and fibers. This tutorial shows you several ways to make embellished fabric beads. What...

How to print your own fabric using an inkjet printer

Printing your own fabric is fun and easy and it can be used in all sorts of different ways in all types of sewing projects. Small to medium printed photos and images can easily be printed out using a standard size inkjet printer. Printed photos can be used to make...

Hand-dyed Mini Fabric and Thread Collections

I love using fabric and thread coordinates – and I love making hand-dyed collections too! There’s just something so special about the way the colors and textures all complement each other that make your sewing projects look so beautiful. These mini fabric...

Tutorial: Machine Wrapped Cording

Using cording to finish the edges of your sewing projects definitely adds a professional quality, however it isn’t readily available in a wide variety of types or finishes which tends to limit its uses. Making your own cording is not only fun, but it can be made...

Embellished Burlap Zipper Pouch Tutorial

I just love zippered pouches! They are quick and easy to make, and can easily be resized and made in small sizes for keeping small items organized, and in larger sizes to use for storage of larger items or even as a clutch purse. They’re the perfect sewing...

Burlap: How to cut it straight and prevent it from fraying

Burlap can be a little challenging to sew because it frays so easily, however here’s a simple way to cut it straight and stop it from fraying. How to Cut Burlap Straight Burlap has a large weave and this makes it easy to cut it perfectly straight. Measure where...

Hand embroidery thread – how to blend thread colors

If you do a lot (or even a little) hand embroidery, over time you can accumulate quite a collection of embroidery floss and yarn. But doesn’t it always seem that you simply never have the right color hand embroidery thread to finish off a sewing project? The...

Interfacing for Bags and Purses

When making bags and purses, using the proper interfacing for your project is an important part of the construction process and can make or break the design of your bag or purse. Interfacing adds support and structure to the style of the bag, and also strengthens and...
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