How to Attach Invisible Sew-in Magnetic Snaps

Invisible sew-in magnetic snaps are perfect to use when you want the bag closure to lay perfectly flat or you don’t want a visible gap. These type of magnetic snaps are small, very strong magnets enclosed in a plastic case. They are generally sewn into the bag...

How to Attach a Magnetic Snap Closure

Magnetic snaps are easy to install and they offer a simple way to attach a secure closure to all your bags and purses. Attaching them is quite easy, and well … a snap really! There are two parts to a magnetic snap – a female side which has a recess in the...

New in the Store: Variegated Hand-dyed Fabrics

I’ve been dyeing again! Pick your favorite and click through to my Etsy store to order. These unique and one-of-a-kind fabrics are perfect for use as backgrounds or focus fabrics on art quilts or picture quilts, they can be cut up to create textured appliques or...

How to Design and Sew a Zipper Pocket for Your Bag

Zipper pockets provide a secure place to store items such as credit cards and money. They can be easily added to any purse pattern and positioned either on the inside or the outside of the purse. They are not difficult to sew and only require a little planning to...

How to Design and Sew a Slip Pocket for Your Bag

Slip pockets are easy to sew and are useful for holding and organizing small items in your purse such as cell phone, pens, glasses etc. Designing a slip pocket with sections is also easy and allows you to custom design a pocket to suit your own personal requirements....

How to Make a Lined Purse Strap

Lined purse straps take a little more effort to make than standard straps, but I think they definitely add a professional finish to all your handmade bags and purses. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a lined purse strap using Craft Fuse. There...

How to Sew and Turn a Simple Purse Strap

One of the most common aspects of making your own handbag, purse or tote, can also be one of the most frustrating; the simple act of turning a purse strap or fabric tube inside out. You could use a special tool such as a tube turner, however if you’re anything...

How to Sew a Simple Bag Strap Without Interfacing

This is a super quick way to make bag handles without using interfacing. Cut a piece of fabric the required length by 4″ wide. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and press with an iron. Make the crease nice and sharp. Open it out and then fold in each side so...

New in the Store: Sally’s Bag Pattern

I’m excited to let you know that my new bag pattern – Sally’s Bag – is now available for download! You can download Sally’s Bag Pattern here Sally’s Bag has a fun and flirty shape with button embellishments on the front and straps...

Fiber Art on Friday – Wendy Smith-Wood

Last night I attended the opening reception of Texture and Movement which was an exhibition of silk shibori art by Wendy Smith-Wood. For most of the year Wendy lives in Alaska and is clearly inspired by her surrounds and this is reflected in her work. She had several...

How to Add a Standard Lining to a Tote Bag

Adding a lining to a tote bag makes the bag stronger, adds structure and shape and also improves wearability. A drop-in lining can be easily sewn into a pre-made tote bag, but if you’re in the process of making a tote bag that needs a lining, this can also be...

An Elegant Version of Sally’s Bag

One of the most fun parts of designing new bag patterns is making the samples, and what I’ve found over the years is that you can easily change the look of a bag to make it look elegant, casual or fun, just by changing the fabric, adding embellishments, and...

Fiber Art on Friday

A little eye candy for the weekend … Helen Smith on Flickr … seashore   Jo Hyam … three dimensional silk vessel   Karen Cattoire … rainforest flowers   Ana Teresa Barboza … embroidered landscape   Jannick Deslauriers...

10 Free Sewing Patterns for your Technology

In keeping with this year’s theme – The Creative Cloth Bag – what better way to celebrate bags and purses than to share some of my favorite free sewing patterns and tutorials from around the internet. Check back every Thursday for some fresh, and...

How to Add a Drop-in Lining to a Simple Tote Bag

Simple tote bags are quick and easy to make and making them from one layer of fabric is the perfect choice if they’re only going to be used to carry light items. For carrying heavier items, bags need a little more strength and this can be achieved by adding a...

The Sew Creative Box: Extra boxes this month

I’ll have a few extra Sew Creative Boxes available this month so if you haven’t signed up for the waiting list yet, don’t delay. I’ll be sending invites out tomorrow – Wednesday 4th February. The theme this month is – Love to Love...

A Sneak Peak at my New Bag Pattern – Sally’s Bag

As you probably know by now, right throughout this year I’m presenting The Creative Cloth Bag – a free online year-long sew-along adventure where you can learn how to design, sew, embellish, and get totally creative with cloth bags. In keeping with the...
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